treated like a patient, not a customer

KushMates was founded in 2016 to service the medical marijuana community in an effort to make the process of obtaining medical marijuana as safe, efficient and as discreet as possible. Our mission is to form a tight knit community where legal medical marijuana patients can trust the quality of their medication. We have a limit on membership because quality control is our number one priority. We look to service patients who want a premium, personal experience over a mass consumer assembly line typical in this industry. We welcome and encourage our members’ feedback so that we can continue to deliver the highest quality of care possible.


  • Safety: Due to the stringent regulations storefront dispensaries are held to, they often end up in rougher than average neighborhoods and are hidden in alleyways and other unsafe areas. This is not ok and is the primary reason for our formation. No patient should have to put themselves at risk to access medication that they are entitled to.
  • Health: The lax health standards we continued to observe at storefront dispensaries has encouraged us to implement strict health standards when it comes to handling our flower products. As patients cycle through a typical storefront dispensary, requesting to look, smell and even touch medication, exposure to bacteria and other pathogens are inevitable. At KushMates, we hand select only the highest quality medical marijuana from our trusted suppliers and never allow direct contact with any of our flower products. You can be assured that your medicine has been handled with the most structured health practices throughout the industry.
  • Source: As patients ourselves, we found that many dispensaries sell unmarked products that have been grown using pesticides and other unnatural methods. This is a little scary, and to us, is a very important factor that other dispensaries seem to overlook. We find this practice unacceptable. We only provide organically grown medical marijuana and keep detailed records on all of our suppliers. We only provide medicine that has been grown naturally without the use of pesticides or other artificial additives. Read more

If you share our values and are looking to receive consistent high grade medical marijuana, that is hand selected and tested for quality, join our community today and start being treated like a patient instead of a customer.